Sunday, 15 January 2012


'There are cathedrals of the Spirit as well of stone.'
Keith Gilbert, Aboriginal Author

Aaah holidays and get away times are sweet bliss yeh. Got to appreciate some magnificent cathedrals in my hikes to Minyon Falls, lower Dorrigo canopy, and to revisit Never Never Creek, all shared with good ol friends, family new mates. Most importantly got to magnify the Creator worthy of these cathedrals.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Glass Onion

The Glass Onion Society is an espresso bar, clothing boutique and gallery space opening this Saturday 26th November at LJ. Grab a coffee from Ben, a cute summer dress from Ana (or an Arrabon surfboard bag), and have a chat to Pickles, the little thing sniffing at your feet.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


"Sam Pickles was a fool to get out of bed that day, and knew it ever after."
CloudStreet, Tim Winton.

Ever had one of those days...
Took these pics before the southerly came thru Monday evening.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Urban Art

Some street art from my lane way wanderings..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Enchanting, bewildering, hectic and peaceful moments.
That was the past four days for me.
Bliss to be home tho'.

Coming this way... some rad urban art, discoveries, in cobblestone lanes of old melbourne town.

(hmmmn, not sure what you/or I think of the new blogview??)

Thursday, 27 October 2011


aaahh, the end of a long week, off to Vicco for a few days, enjoy your weekend.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Locomotion Commotion

CNN broadcast: Last night a long legged pretty blonde lady tried to escape and divert her attention from young men, by taking her Rav4 skydiving.  Landing on the very edge of a steep cliff she stealthy managed to exit the balancing vehicle Macgyver style, adrenaline kicks in.

Perched between a rock and a hard place, her unsuccessful attempts to cry for help via facebook and telepathic messages, resulted in a rescue mission by an angel disguised as a missing phone, a cab driver delivering a welcomed package, and eventually a tatoo sleeved man in a florescent yellow tshirt with magic chains and flashing neon lights (her favorite as she is a 90s child).

Today she wears her hypercolored tshirt proud that says 'I skydived my Rav4 and survived!', while CNN are still baffled by the incredible live rescue footage, the township of Avoca is proud that she is their resident and are thinking of making her their icon.

Aaaarh, apologies to all the neighbours we woke up when Jess tried to roll her car in our driveway....

Friday, 14 October 2011


Sulphur came to visit again today. We have this little routine he and I. First he flys to my balcony rail, then down to the cane chair then to the day bed, each a step further to the window to let me knows he's arrived for a feed. I get some seed he steps back to his comfort zone to let me set it down safely, I go back inside and quietly watch him. When hes finished it's the same routine as he asks for seconds. I generally oblige, hoping that our little friendship will grow.

Today I ponder if he'll let down his guard, let me in a little closer, if our friendship will deepen a little more.

And it did. This time when he came for seconds I played hard to get. I pretended I hadn't noticed his usual request, all the while leaving the door wide open, and so he got my attention, he walked right in through the backdoor into my living room onto the rug, and eventually up to the kitchen bench, so I got him his seconds. We used to have this one eyed possum that used to let himself inside my childhood home, he became part of the family, snuggling himself into my fathers lap, and eventually winning the affection of our gentle flippant sometimes jealous bulldog Ellimae.

Again, Sulphur, never over staying his welcome, finished his 2nd meal but this time he turned before leaving and belched his thanks and fared me well before he parted. And i remembered a whale who once danced up close before me to my great delight for a long time, at Fraser, who waved one final goodbye before diving under and wasn't to be seen again.

I'm in awe of how we creatures speak different languages live in the air, on the earth, and under the sea, yet connected with one another.

With Sulphur, I delight in the small steps of routine and familiarity. I know it's him and not some other crested one pretending to be him, because he goes to the same places in my heart where he knows he'll get my attention.

All the while I wonder who here is really trying to get my attention and what is it He is trying to tell me.

Sometimes I wonder if he ever visits and finds me not home, is he disappointed. Does he know the joy and childish rapture I receive when he comes to visit, does he also share that same joy. Where did he come from, why single me out, and where does he go.

Thankful for a feathered friend, and what I'm learning from him.

[photo oppotunity minus the mopstick and waterbottle!]